About Us

We are a Cranes-for-Hire Company based in Nairobi and specializing in heavy lifting, loading/offloading, and transportation. Our mobile truck cranes have lifting a capacity that ranges from 25tons, 50tons, 70tons up to 200tons. We have a variety of self-loading trucks and forklifts too. We lift from 1 ton to 15 tons and deliver anywhere within Kenya and beyond it’s borders.

Hiab crane’s load handling solutions are used in various sectors of land transport and delivery, including construction e.g. Kenya power and Lighting (KPLC) pole lifting/laying, power generator transfers, container lifting, steel offloading/loading, etc. Hiab cranes are the leading brand globally in on-road load handling solutions and we are proud to be associated with the brand ‘DON’T RISK, LET US LIFT IT FOR YOU’. Our company offers crane hire services throughout the country lifting equipment of various weights.


Our Services